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Safe residential pest control services

Your Local Pest Control Company for Northwest Oklahoma

Get rid of pests with our full line of pest control services

Your Pest Control Expert Arrives Within 24 Hours

Rodent control is often overlooked.


Prevent A Pest will provide you with the best

Elimination and Exclusion plan possible.

A small rodent problem can turn into a huge problem in a hurry.

Call us TODAY before a 

rodent problem turns from bad to worse!


We will customize our approach to your specific needs.

Here is a List of commonly overlooked steps to eliminating a rodent problem

  • Bait and bait station cleanliness

  • Bait placement

  • Exclusion measures

  • Eliminating conducive conditions

  • Eliminating the food and water source

House Mice

House Mice

Roof Rats

Roof Rats

Deer Mice

Deer Mice

Norway Rats

Norway Rats
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